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Terms & Conditions For Warranty of Pumps

1. We do not give any warranty for mechanical seal , bearing and winding of motor in any monobloc or bare pumps.

2. Our product warranty is limited for performance and material of construction(MOC) only.

3. We normally suggest various MOC and faces of seal as per our experience and with reference to some books , ultimately customer has to decide about seal and MOC.

4. Please note that no seal manufacturer or bearing manufacturer gives warranty of theirĀ  products.

5. Most of the customers are not aware about material of construction of the pump. But for proper selection of M.O.C liquid details like percentage of chemicals, temperature, viscosity, specific gravity is a must.

6. Seal life may be 5 seconds in case of dry running or in case of unsuitable chemical for seal M.O.C.

7. Please note that we will not provide any seal free of cost or any type of free service related to seal , bearing and motor winding.